Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To the cashier at Babies R Us

You know what? I've been there. I worked in retail for 17 years, and I get that the job sucks. I also understand that first thing in the morning sucks. Know what else? I don't care.

I'm sorry I interrupted your conversation with the other cashiers this morning so that I could check out. I'm sorry you felt as if I was beneath your hospitality. I'm sorry you felt as if you had to be surly to a woman who had been dealing with a whining, misbehaving infant for the past 30 min while she searched high and low in the store for what she needed.

I think it's time you found another job. Really. One of the most important aspects of being a retail worker is your ability to put on a happy face and act better than Meryl Streep. Making your customers feel as if they'd just trodden in dog shit is not in your best interests. Because I got your name. Yep. Read your name tag. And the store's phone number is on the receipt...

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Who am I? said...

yeah, pretty much needs to get another job. I remember working in retail. It sucks but a smile is not too much to ask.