Wednesday, August 01, 2007


After a conversation with BFF Xris via email last night while we watched Shark Week together, it has come to my attention that there aren't enough men in the world.

Oh, there are plenty of boys, and there's a ton of girls running around masquerading as men, but there aren't enough True Men. You know, the kind that can cut lumber without worrying about the saw, replace the spark plugs in a car without wondering where they go, and dig a hole fully expecting to get dirty. As far as that goes, there aren't enough men who know how to properly use a shovel in the first place.

I happened to marry one. Yep. I did. He can do anything that he decides to do, and his competence is a total turn on. The other day he framed and built a wall, cut a hole in the shed and turned it into a window complete with frame, and also actually put studs in the afore mentioned wall because the lumber he bought was a small bit warped. The man knows where and how to place studs. He also managed to find a nest of cockroaches in the shed, and even though he was completely skeeved by it he managed to kill them and remove the nest.

He wasn't self conscious about the fact that he was shirtless, he was covered in sweat and sawdust, and he was totally sexy.

Where are the rest of the men like that?

This conversation with Xris came up because we were watching Mike Rowe of the Dirty Jobs show on the Discovery Channel. Mike is a pip. He's hot, he's hilarious, and he shills for Ford which automatically kicks him up a notch. He can also do anything on the Dirty Jobs show that is required of him, and as the title of the show clearly states, he's not afraid to get dirty doing it. Last night he was testing shark bite suits and chopping chum. Stinky, old, decaying fish. Without gloves.

So Mike and my husband rock. If there are anymore of you out there, pipe in. And if any gals reading this know of some, pipe in too. I have an overwhelming need to know that these men exist. Because otherwise my daughter will end up with a pansy when she settles down.


Barb said...

Julie - I have a MAN! He is DEFINATELY not afraid to get dirty. Most of his clothes have paint or grease stains on them. Aside of his office work clothes. He can and does fix anything and everything in our house. It saves us a ton of money.

I'm glad I waited for the right Man. I would hate to have a wussy husband!

Congrats on getting one yourself. If Livvie is half as smart as her Mama, she'll find herself a real man someday!

Who am I? said...

My Dad is one. When he was in the hospital last year, he removed his own ventilator because he figured he would do fine without it. And now that he is home, he is hauling forty pound boulders into position to build a rock wall on our property. Bare hands, and some sweatbands. My Dad. *sniff*.

My brother is one. My sister in law wanted a trellis and one Saturday morning, he simply built one. Then he dug post holes and cemented it in place so it would never fall over. Ever. He then built a matching cage for the HVAC unit. Because he knows his wife likes it when things match. He did all of this while supervising a two year old who is similarly obsessed with tools and wanted to "work with Daddy on the jobsite." My brother. *sniff*.

I have had the good fortune to date a few of these gems too. I won't describe for now since this isn't, uh, my blog. But yeah, let's hear it for the rare and excellent sort of male creature who gets it and is a Real Man.

Laura37 said...

I LOVE Dirty Jobs!! One of my Favorite shows!!

My Husband is definately a MAN!!! He can build anything, fix anything and can create anthing from nothing!! He's a home builder! Thats his job! And even though he hires out most of the work he isnt afraid to jump right in if someone needs a hand! Sometimes he comes home so stinky and dirty! I love him anyways! But then I make him go get a shower!!

Bets said...

Oh, Julie, I SO know what you mean! My friend Justin is definitely a Man. Fixes things, builds things, works on his truck and his Harley. He has a quiet confidence that is very appealing. And, he called me while that specific Dirty Jobs show was on because he thought I would want to see it.

I don't think you need to worry about Livvie ending up with a pansy - she has you and Rich to learn from!

Anonymous said...

My grandfather used to climb up on the roof to get stuff done. At 90+ years old. With lung cancer.


Cynde said...

Oh shut up! I can not find a real man anywhere. There you go bragging about your sexy man. :-p

Before I even read very far into this I was thinking Mike Rowe. Also a bit of Bear Grylls. The fact he can start a fire out of basically nothing is a real turn on. The accent does not hurt either.