Friday, August 24, 2007

OCD and Clumsy

There are 2 parts of my personality which provide endless amusement to those who know me.

The first is an OCD quality in which before having a child I couldn't handle food on myself. I also couldn't stand things scattered around on the floor. My best friend used to throw paper on the floor when I was mid-rant because she knew it would shut me up long enough to pick up the paper and throw it in the trash. At this point, I would forget what I was ranting about in the first place. Having a child has removed some of these quirks, but I discovered one more this morning. I had to take the pile of bills to the mailbox. Before walking them out there I stacked them in order from largest to smallest. Now, I used to do that when folding laundry without even looking at it, but it really hadn't crossed my mind in awhile. Until I noticed myself doing it today.

My second quality is complete and utter clumsiness. I have ZERO grace. I can walk, usually, and I can almost always manage to sit down without falling down, but other than that, you'd better watch out. I'm like Godzilla swishing his tail through Tokyo. I have fallen off sofas, fallen out of my car into a mud puddle while attempting to extract my X-Box from said car, and walked smack into door jambs. Last night I ended up tripping over a broken glass that I KNEW was outside. I had placed it there. I had been waiting to throw it out into the trash bag when the bag was closer to full so that it wouldn't slice through the bottom of the bag. I was stupid. I ended up trying to sever 3 toes from my foot, and bled everywhere. So I staggered up the steps to the kitchen door and pushed the door open and hollered to Darling Husband "I need a paper towel RIGHT NOW." His response?


My response?

"Just get me the fucking towel!!!!"

He brought me 5.

Today I have a sore foot and a perfectly stacked pile of bills. Good day or bad day? You tell me.


Erin said...

OMG, do you ever get a break?? I think you need a vacation one where really beautiful men fan you while you lay on a beach or something...LOL Ok, sounds good to me... Love yah girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck, Jules! That is SOOOO "Kimber". I understand comepletely! All of it--the bills, the loss of caring about that which once was to horrifically not clean to stand, and the cutting...
so much the cutting
so much that I have stopped posting my exploits because I would have to rename my blog: Injury of the Week...
And Foots and Hands injuries are sooo painful, so annoying and so slow to heal... *sympathetic sob*
Gentle Hugs...and soak that foot in some ebson salts!!!!

Barb said...

Awe.........I'm sorry Julie. That sucks. Hope your foot is starting to feel better.

I have OCD too. I understand the bills thing. I also understand people screwing with you for entertainment. My DH thinks its funny to make the chairs around the table crooked or leave cupboard doors open. It makes me crazy!!!

Hope you foot heals up quick!