Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I had actual adult company this morning. My friend was down from Manhattan for teachers' meetings at Sweet Little College and she stopped by. This is awesome, because I haven't seen her since Rich and I got married. The other awesome part was that I had genuine adult conversation when the kid wasn't butting in (And she butted in a lot).

So I realize that I do need to spend more time with other adults. Rich is an adult, but he lives here and so doesn't count in this case. I do realize now though that spending 90% of your time either with an infant or desperately seeking someone on the internet to talk to doesn't make for a healthy frame of mind. Neither does sitting and watching the Wiggles for 6 hours a day, interrupted only by naps. And those naps could run anywhere from 30 min-2 hours depending on how agreeable the kid is being. Which means I occasionally only get a half hour break from The Wiggles. Which is unacceptable by anyone's standards.

So I'm going to attempt to get out of the house more and associate with other people. Even if I have to take Livvie with me, at least I'll be interacting with others. Right?

I'll start with my shrink appointment tomorrow.

Maybe I'll even swing by Borders sometime this week and visit Ted. Livvie is wigged by his beard though, so I'll have to ask him to put a bag over his head like the unknown comic.

Yeah, that'll work.

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emperorp said...

the beard stays, sorry