Sunday, August 19, 2007

And away we go...

I saw the doc on Thursday and we bumped up the dosage on both of my ridiculously spendy drugs. It worked practically instantly. I am in the low level of mania now where everything seems just peachy and nothing is really bothering me. I actually like my kid for a change instead of feeling like I was given the biggest demon seed ever.

This is the dangerous part of the disease. When you feel like this it's very easy to decide not to take your meds because you feel so good. Also, once the meds REALLY kick in you won't feel nearly this amazing. You'll feel normal.

And who wants to be normal, right?

It's a hard thing to keep on keeping on even though you know the dire consequences if you don't.

But I'll be good and keep taking my meds and wait for these super duper happy dappy feelings to go away. It'll be a shame when it happens, but worse is what I was. And I was reaching the point of intolerable.

Thanks for your support, everyone. It's received with much love.


Safeena said...

Never underestimate the power of a good pharmaceutical.

DE-lighted to hear it's a good almost great day.

Here's to a night of sleep for both of you (OK - Rich too.)

Anonymous said...

Happy Dappy, even for a little while, is GOOD.