Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well great

There's a lot of drama going down at a Mommy Board I belong to. I don't understand why, other than when that much estrogen gets slinging around it's usually inevitable.

This is why I hate working with women as a general rule. Not always, but with most of the jobs I've had where the staff was predominantly female the shit hit the fan on a regular basis. I'm a person who keeps to herself and doesn't enjoy gossiping at work, so usually my only indication that anything was up would be when I was called into the "office" and asked about what was going on. I usually had to reply that I was unaware of anything, but once the floodgate opened suddenly ALL I was aware of was the crap going on.

And often that gossip involved me. Or the backstabbing. Or the general pissiness.

I remember at my very last job being called into the office all of the time and informed that I was not being friendly enough to my co-workers and that people were complaining. I was there to work, not to make friends, and the idea that someone would complain about me for not being cuddly enough was just amazing to me.

Now, granted, I wasn't on my meds at the time, but I can GUAR-AN-TEE you that if I were to be working there now I would have the same mindset. There to work, not to cuddle.

And to be blindsided by drama when you have no idea what's going on? It's just dreadful.

So I think that I might have to start really living my life instead of hanging out on the internet a lot. I love my internet friends very much, especially the ones that are "off board" if you will. However, I think I really need a break. Which is a shame, because I really thought that the purpose of these forums was community and support.

I need to edit this to include that there is one board I belong to that is completely drama-free. It's a board for care givers of diabetic cats. It's an amazing group of caring women and I would be lost without them, even though my diabetic is no longer on this earth. They still welcome me. They're wonderful. And again, lost without them.


Jennifer said...

I hear ya.

Ever wonder why I became a pilot?

Not many chicks. heh.

But I will miss you. :(

Kelly said...

Almost all of my coworkers are male! And it is wonderful, for the very reasons you mention. They're quiet, straightforward, and there to work.

I hate drama with a passion.

Sorry you'll be gone more often. Probably good for you, though. I'll just have to visit here more often.

Chelsea said...

Julie, I am sorry you will be gone too! But we can still get ahold of each other. I am sorry things got the way they are now.

Cyn said...

That is why I do not belong to any forum/chat groups and such. Although LJ is sort of like that. But at least there I have diverse groups of people who do not know each other. Can avoid a lot of drama that way.

Erin said...

Julie- I just do not get it... It all sucks!!! I will miss you!! I have u on myspace now so you will still have to put up w/ me!! Sorry you are stuck w/ me!!! Love yah!!!