Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dear St Francis:

Remember August of 2004 when I was wandering the streets with my litter of puppies, starving to death, full of worms, and Animal Control picked me up and took me to the shelter? 

Remember how I sat there for a month, with roommate after roommate coming and going, while I couldn't get adopted?

None of that was as bad as this.

Yes yes, mom couldn't stand to see me there every day and she finagled her landlord into letting her take me home. And yes, she got rid of my worms and fed me up and put weight on me. I got all shiny. Look! 

So yes, all of that is great, but seriously, we need to talk about power outages.

The power goes out sometimes, and it's WAY scarier than being on the streets. Tonight the power went out for an hour. When it first went out the box that's plugged into the wall for the carbon monoxide beeped. The power came back on and went off again. The box beeped again. And then it happened again. I hid under the table.

Then the power stayed out, and mom and dad lit a bunch of candles. Those were scary too. They were so scary that I pried open the folding door to the office with my claws and went in there to hide. Dad tripped over me in the dark, and that was scary too.

Emma was standing in the middle of the kitchen looking confused. Doesn't she know we're all gonna die????

So after what mom said was an hour, the power came back. When that happened a bunch of stuff in the house made noise. The refrigerator made noise, the freezer made noise, and mom's printer made noise. That was the scariest part of all. I tried to run away but there was nowhere to go. Then I remembered that the office was still open, so I went in there.

Then mom went into the living room and sat down and turned on the TV. I did curl up on the floor and go to sleep, but don't think I'll forget about this anytime soon.

Living outside was soooooo much less scary than being in the house. It took me ages to not be afraid of the washing machine, the ceiling fan, the refrigerator door opening, and the toilet flushing. 

The only problem is that outside I can't curl up on the rug. And I can't sneak up onto the sofa when no one is looking. And there're no heating vents. 

So I guess I really want to stay inside, but the whole power outage thing has to stop. Ok?




Annie said...

I love Ginny! That was so sweet.

Me said...

*smooches Ginny*

Dagny said...