Monday, January 05, 2009

Product Endorsement

So there's an age a woman hits where if she has really dark hair it's TOO dark, and it only succeeds in making her look old and tired. I believe that age is 35. 

My mom took a look at me last week and said, "Your hair is too dark."

I agreed with her.

I also informed her that not much could be done about it without spending $90 at a salon to have it professionally done.

I puttered around for the past week until today, when I decided that was ridiculous. The year is 2009. Someone has to sell a product that will lighten super dark hair by more than a shade.

So I googled. And someone recommended L'Oreal's Feria Hi-Lift Browns. So I read the product reviews. It looked good. People were getting results of 2-4 shades lighter. That would work.

I marched out to the nearest Ulta store and bought a box of Downtown Brown. Brought it home and applied it. Waited the required half hour. Rinsed. Waited for it to dry. Here are the results.



Now, I wouldn't call that 4 shades lighter. Maybe 3. And the colorant is supposed to remove the red tones from your hair and be more of an ash shade, but I honestly think NOTHING can get the red out of my hair. Regardless, it's become light enough so that I no longer look like Morticia Addams with the flu. 

So I recommend it. If you have darker hair and want to brighten it up a bit grab a box. It was $9.99 at Ulta, which isn't that bad for hair color.


Jmac said...

Now you are Downtown Julie Brown. LOL. Cool beans. Now how 'bout you take a picture of your whole head with that hair?

Em said...

Very cool!! I want to see a picture.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the too-dark hair! Congrats on your new identity as Blondie.

Me said...

I find it is hard to get the red out of my hair too, even when I buy the cool tones made just for that.