Monday, January 19, 2009

Yeah well, we'll see...

January 25, 2000 (Yes, my decorations were still up)

January 25, 2000 (and this was about halfway through)

From NC State University:

...A powerful winter storm dropped record amounts of snow across central North Carolina...
...The all time single storm snow accumulation record for Raleigh-Durham was set with this storm when the airport received 20.3 inches of snow...
...Over 100,000 customers were without power and many schools and business closed for several days...
...The storm was not well forecast by numerical weather prediction models...
...Following the event, research at NC State indicated that the inability of the operational models to resolve antecedent precipitation across the Deep South was a major reason for their forecast failure of the developing cyclone...
...This event reinforces the need for forecasters to maintain situational awareness of upstream conditions and to compare model forecasts with observations...

Carolina Crusher

So last night when I went to bed they were calling for a dusting tonight. When I got up this morning they had upgraded that to 2-4 inches statewide and pockets of 4-6 inches. However, they just don't know. Even after 9 years they're having difficulty with this. They're saying that this system greatly resembles that "Carolina Crusher," although it seems to be moving more quickly, so it probably won't dump almost 2 feet on us.

From our current watch:
Some uncertainty remains regarding the precise location of the
highest snowfall totals. At this time it appears that the greatest
risk of heavy snow will be in the corridor between Highway one and
Interstate 95. However... everyone across central North Carolina
should keep a close eye on the latest conditions and forecasts
through today and tonight. Check NOAA Weather Radio or other local
media frequently for the latest information... including possible
advisories and warnings... on this developing storm.
So I guess we'll see. I'll post photos tomorrow if there's something worth taking a photo of.

Wish us luck this time! At least this time the snow removal equipment hasn't been sent to the western part of the state.

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Stay nice and cozy indoors. Don't you love weather forecasts, always so helpful. :-p