Saturday, January 10, 2009


Know what happens when no one in the house gets sick for years?

All of the cold meds expire.

Last night at 230 Rich coughed himself awake. Hard. I got up and went to get the supplies.

The Vaporub expired years ago.

The Robitussin expired last March.

I figured fuck it, and used both on him anyway. The Vaporub did nothing. The Robitussin worked for 3.5 hours instead of 4, so I had to give him more at 6am.

That was the last of it. We ran out.

So CVS opened at 8. We needed everything. I am starting with the crushed glass in throat feeling. So I needed supplies too.

I spent $49.

A bottle of Robitussin was NINE freaking dollars.

I had to buy the liquid Coricidin, instead of Nyquil, because Rich has high blood pressure. $7.50. Vicks was $8.49. And on it went.

Now everyone in the house feels like shit. My nose won't stop running and I keep sneezing. Rich is still coughing a bit. Livvie is breathing through her mouth.

And I have to go out and buy chicken soup supplies, and I don't wanna.

Have a great weekend all.

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Me said...

Wow the drug stores really know how to squeeze every last dollar out of us don't they? Ugh, hope you all feel better soon.