Thursday, January 01, 2009


So today I am spending my New Year's watching a Bones marathon on TNT. It started at 8am, and ends at midnight.

I have seen Walmart commercials.

I have seen Mirena IUD commercials.

I have seen Nuvaring birth control commercials.

I have seen Electrasol dish detergent commercials.

If I see a Mr Clean commercial I will start throwing things at the TV.

Ok, so yes, I'm a woman, and I'm a huge fan. Yes, I'm also 37. And a mom. And a "housewife." But you know what? Most of my friends who watch this show are like me, in that as consumers they have a larger interest than reproductive issues, shopping, and cleaning products.

Seriously, do they think NO men watch this show?

I mean, sure, Rich doesn't watch it, but I suspect that's because he's irritated by my crush on David Boreanaz. Or maybe he's sick of procedurals. 

Ok, really, DO any men watch this show?


Jmac said...

Zac does. Josh does. So yeah, men do. Emily Deschanel is hot. A beer commercial or two is in order.

Kimber said...

Charlie loves that show.
However, if you watch anything on the Spike Network you get to watch all"male enhancement", cialis (sp) and Girls Gone Wild commercials...
:rolls eyes: