Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Couple of Photos for You

One of our wild roses:

My Garden so far (a lot of the plants are still small):

I am absolutely thrilled today because Rich is replacing the railings on our side deck. They were about 38 years old, and weren't safe for Livvie. The deck wraps around to the back of the house, and this way she'll have a lot more room to run. The back rails are about 3 feet high, but these will be 4 feet high to provide privacy from the road. Also, we'll be able to let the dogs out onto the deck without fear that Ginny will jump over and escape.

My mom is giving me enough cash for my birthday that I'll be able to go out and buy more plants. I have 3 purple Foxgloves in the garden so far, and I want to get 3 white ones as well. I'm also hoping to get some Morning Glory seeds (Moon Flowers to be exact), and after soaking them I'll get them into the ground and let them spread. Rich was averse to watermelons unfortunately. Oh well.

I had planned to take my oldest plants with me if we ever sell the house, but Rich pointed out that if the garden is a selling point then we'll have to leave them there. He's right, but it'll break my heart because my Lavender and Rosemarys are years old and gigantic. One of the Rosemary plants is over 3 feet high now. I'll miss it desperately.

Ok, he's home with more lumber and might need some help out there so I'll end this now. I hope everyone has a lovely Thursday, and I'll catch y'all tomorrow.


Cyn said...

Worry about that sort of thing when someone buys the place. In the mean time enjoy all your plants. It is coming along nicely.

Annie said...

Beautiful. Have a fun day.

Dagny said...

Looks great!!!