Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Voted

I didn't decide on the gubernatorial primary choice until I actually had the pen in my hand. I got to the booth, looked down at the paper, and filled in the circle for Richard Moore.

I don't even know if I made the right decision, and it might not even matter as Bev Perdue has had the lead in the state for several weeks now. I gave up though, and made the choice not to have someone who looks like a baby eater in office. We'll see.

I also decided that I would vote for him just to spite Andy Griffith.

How ridiculous is that?????

Anyway, have a great Tuesday everyone. I'll see you tomorrow. :)


Dagny said...

HIGHLY ridiculous.


Woodrow said...

Shit fire, I couldn't vote for anyone retarded enough to run that ad either.

Annie said...

I don't have TV, but I am sure if I saw the ad I would hate it as all you wonderful people do :-).

Kelly said...

Ha! That commercial was something else.

Cyn said...

But what does Barny Fife say? That is the real question.

Annie said...

I just realized the ad is the video, I did not have time to watch it before and now I feel
like duh :-).My only excuse is I was at work and in a hurry :-). As my last post must have made you laugh Julie :-), now
when I tried to watch it, it said it was not available :-(.

Em said...

hahaha that's funny annie!