Friday, May 16, 2008


I am going to be 37 on Monday.

I haven't accomplished much, unless you figure in marriage and the kid.

I've been to Canada, Mexico, and Ireland. I've worked about 2 dozen jobs if not more. I've never hang glided, skate boarded, or gone cliff diving.

I've skied. Twice.

I've never really done anything illegal, unless you count speeding. I never even shop lifted as a kid (Dad was a cop. I'd have sooner chewed off my own toes).

My claim to fame is that while I was in Mexico I won a beer drinking contest. How awesome is that?

I want to learn sword fighting. I want to learn how to kick box. I want to learn how to fire a gun, water ski, and drink tequila shots the correct way.

I want time to do all of that. Do I have time? Probably after the kid is older.

I'll talk about all of this again when I'm 40. Maybe I'll at least have learned tequila shots by then.


Anonymous said...

I will absolutely be your Tequila Tutor.

Woodrow said...

Sip it, babe.

Woodrow said...

Oh yeah and Monday is the boys birthday too!

Cyn said...

I was taught by my dad how to fire a gun but I want to learn properly. It is rather fun, same with archery. Well have not done that since jr high PE. I do not know how to drink tequila shots either. I think you can learn how to do all those things on your list, one at a time.

Annie said...

Do it all NOW, don't wait :-).
We never know how much time we have left...

jennyquarx said...

I'll come visit you and teach you tequila shots and skateboarding.

Dagny said...

And I am going to teach you to fly one day...;)