Friday, May 30, 2008

Da Beach

I haven't been to the beach in 4 years, and that last time was in the winter so it really doesn't count. This means I haven't smelled the salt air nor had sand between my toes for almost half a decade.

Rich's co-worker just took an extended vacation to the beach. They took their 9 month old daughter with them. She apparently loved the sand and the surf and had an absolute blast. 
This instilled jealousy in Rich. He had mentioned possibly getting a hotel room down there at some point, but that just isn't feasible with the pet situation that we have.

So today Rich announced that he has off three days next week and that we should take a day trip down to the beach on Thursday. Sounds good to me. However, I'm now trying to figure out the logistics of having a 20 mo old kid who barely eats and spends her whole day drinking milk along. I have sort of figured out the milk thing; we could simply either pack a few bottles into a cooler, or we could pack a half gallon into a cooler and take one baby bottle with us. That might be doable. The lunch situation, however, is confusing to me.

She really only eats nuggets, and she only eats in her high chair. If you try to feed her elsewhere she simply throws food on the ground and ignores it. I had thought of packing a few of her nuggets. I guess I could microwave them first and then pack them in a baggie in the cooler. If we go to lunch somewhere I could put her in the restaurant high chair and then give her the nuggets. This just might work.


Em said...

Well, I hope so! Sounds like it would be nice.

Dagny said...

You could also head them and put them in a thermos, that would keep them warm until it's time for lunch. Might be a thought. (from the queen of packed hot and cold lunches...LOL)

I think you should go for sure. You need to get to the beach, and I bet you all would have a BLAST.


sara said...

will she eat in her carseat? maybe you can just plan to eat in the car...

hope you enjoy the day!!!

LizB said...

I feel you on the beach thing. It's only been a year for me, but that's still too long. Also, maybe she might be so intrigued by the novelty of the situation that she behaves outside of the norm. That's how my kids acted the first time we took them to the beach. This thought may also reduce your stress; my pediatrician gave me a great piece of advice once. She said let go and have fun; kids are not going to starve themselves. She may be so caught up in the moment that she's not even hungry anyway, and she might get so thirsty from the fun and sun and drink the first thing you offer her without complaining or wondering why it's not milk. You never know. :)

Annie said...

It's been a year for me, but I live a long way from any beach, I miss it so much, you must go, go for me!
It sounds like you have the food thing figured out. Go!