Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gimpy McDumbass

That's me.

The night before last I went to bed to watch TV. Hell's Kitchen to be exact. So Rich was lying on the side of the bed closest to the television, and I couldn't see very well. I used my right foot to push myself over a bit so I could prop myself up.

This is the point at which things get ridiculous.

As I pushed I felt a tearing sensation, and I nearly screamed. Yes, I sprained my ankle IN BED.

So I simply laid there in pain for the rest of the night, and pretty much barely slept. By yesterday the pain was intense. I couldn't put weight on my right foot, and managing steps was unbelievably difficult. I really tried not to limp yesterday because I didn't want to get into the habit, but it was hard not to.

So then how did I spend the rest of my day?

I walked into the baby gate. Hard. I tripped over the garden hose and nearly fell flat on my face. And I also slammed my arm into the door jamb as I was going through the doorway. 

I almost gave up and went to bed to stay safe but then remembered bed was where all of this started. So I stayed on the sofa, watching Idol, and hoping that nothing would happen like the remote falling on my head.

After much painful repeated flexing of my ankle this morning it feels a bit better but I still can't turn my foot to the left. Not that I'm thinking I'll need to in daily use, but you never know. So I guess I'll take it easy again today, no running after Livvie at the playground, and I'll continue to wear my sandals so my ankle won't be stuffed into shoes.

Have a great day everyone. Tomorrow I'll post about our new fish.


Dagny said...


Be careful.

And *snicker* at spraining ankle in bed.....hehee.

Annie said...

Well, I must say I have not heard of this happening to anyone before.
Seems like a bad day all around. I am happy you got through it without having to go to hospital.
I would stay on that sofa all week
:-). ((HUGS))

Em said...

Wow! You sprained your ankle in bed!? That's just awesome. I'm limping around right now too... it's no fun. Stay safe!

Nina said...

I thought this sort of thing only happened to me. I will send you cheesy poofs.

Cyn said...

If ever there were someone who needed a drink, I think it would be you. Relax and try not to kill yourself, or your truck.