Thursday, May 01, 2008

Make it stop

May 6th is our Primary election here in NC. Along with the race for the Presidency we've got a Gubernatorial election coming up this year. For the past few months we've been blasted with ads for both the Democratic and Republican candidates for that office. I'm going to lose my mind.

The Republicans have taken the high road this year. Imagine that. Their ads are about themselves and what they've done and are actually not unpleasant to watch.  The Democrats, however, have been a nightmare.

This is Richard Moore. He's currently the State Treasurer and behaves like an ass in his ads. Constant negative campaigning against the other Democratic candidate, Bev Perdue, and he digs up the oldest possible dirt you can imagine. His platform is free community college tuition (sure), property tax relief for seniors, raised minimum wage, etc... 

I like his face. He LOOKS like a nice guy, and has that whole leadership look about him, but his asinine advertisements are making it very difficult for me to want to vote for him. He's currently running behind Bev Perdue in the polls. This would probably be because...

Bev Perdue is finally taking the high ground. Oh don't get me wrong, at the beginning of the campaign she was slinging as much mud in Moore's direction as he was slinging at her. It was ugly. Then, apparently, people started approaching her and asking her to end her negative campaign, and she did. However, I'm still not sure about her. Her platform is free community college tuition (sure), property tax relief for seniors, and free medical insurance for children etc... I do not in fact like HER face. She has a smile that makes her look like she just ate a baby, and there's something in her eyes that makes her look a little bit crazy. 

This is tough for me. I usually vote straight ticket Democrat, and had planned to do that this year. However, watching these ads is driving me absolutely nutso. The Republicans are running far fewer ads for themselves than these two are, and as I said before, they seem to be pleasant enough. The Republican platforms seem to be a lot more feasible to me in that what they seem to want could be implemented far more easily. The Democrats swear they won't raise our taxes, but how do they plan to pay for the things they're suggesting? For the free community college they're saying they'll get the money from tobacco settlements, but come ON. This is the tobacco state. I highly doubt that will work.

So here's my dilemma, I can only vote in one Primary. I plan to vote in the Democratic Primary for President, but that leaves me with one of these two for Governor. I would far rather vote in the Republican Primary for that, but I'm not allowed. It kind of sucks.

But I'll tell you what: depending on how both parties behave in their ads between now and November, I just might be voting Republican for Governor. For the first time ever. Good lord.


Dagny said...


Oh god nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Annie said...

Hey, you have to vote for who is best. Go with that and let the chips fall where they fall.

Cyn said...


Kelly said...

Yes, yessssss. Come over to the dark side. Mwahahaha.

Would you have to change your party registration before the primary to vote Republican? Or just say "Hey, I"m voting Republican" when you get there? Because I've wanted to vote Dem before, but in PA you have to change your registration, and that's a PITA.

Oh, and that lady DOES look like she just ate a baby. Yikes.

Nina said...

Free community college tuition?

Guess whose pocket that freebee comes from?

If you are confused, see the many IM conversations we have had in which I describe... certain thing I will not describe further on a public blog.