Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thank You Pixar

Livvie is letting me watch pretty much anything I want. This was not the case yesterday when I was trying to watch the new Transformers movie, but her freaking out had nothing to do with what was on TV. She was simply a monster all day yesterday. 

So toward the end of the day I put on Finding Nemo. I personally find this movie hilarious, and it's even better if you've been drinking. I'm actually even thinking of turning it into a drinking game, drinking perhaps anytime a character says "shark bait" or even "Nemo." I think it would work out great.

So yesterday when I put the movie on she calmed down immediately. She sat, literally sat, in front of the movie for the first hour, behaving herself and staring at the screen. I know I've mentioned before how she loves this film, but I can't believe how well it works. It's like magic. It's like kid valium. I can only imagine that the graphics are strong enough that they hold her attention completely. Today we tried Monsters Inc, and she had no interest in it whatsoever. Not as many colors I would imagine.

Now, since she doesn't mind me watching whatever I want on TV now I have no fear that this will turn into another Little Einsteins or The Wiggles. I only put it on for her if she's not currently freaking out, so I would assume she won't connect screaming with getting the movie. That's what she did with the others. She would freak out if the TV wasn't on or if I had something else on, and I would give in and turn on her stuff. In retrospect, not a good idea. Reinforcement anyone?

Whatever works man. Whatever works. It gives me a break for at least an hour, and considering that she's no longer napping I need that break. I can sit on the floor with her in my lap and watch it together. I can actually get chores done which I used to do while she slept. And there's no fussing. None. 

So thanks, Pixar. Ya done good.


Annie said...

Thank God for the little things in life :-).

Em said...

An hour of free time is a wonderful thing. :-)

Barb said...

Have you ever Played a Drinking Game to The Wizard of Oz?
Your supposed to drink everytime they say Toto. It's not a lot in the beginning, but you can get pretty plowed by the end of the movie.

LizB said...

Mmmm an hour of free time. That would be nice.

Dagny said...

drinking game....