Saturday, May 17, 2008


Livvie loves Finding Nemo. She'll stand or sit and stare at it for almost the entire movie (she's unimpressed with the sharks). It's so colorful and beautiful that it holds her attention completely.

So today I decided to get her some fish of her very own. I had a small, 2 gallon aquarium, and it just happens to be Duke Blue. I hadn't used it in years. So I washed it out, filled it up with our well water, and headed to Petsmart with Livvie.

$52 later we had gravel, a filter insert, plastic plants, a new light bulb, plastic tubing, food, and 4 fish. I got 2 small black moors (see above) and 2 small Red Caps (see below). They're types of goldfish, so they don't require a heater, which is good because the tank is small enough that there would have been no room for the fish. On the way home the fish were in a plastic bag with water and air, and I had them in the hatch back of the Escape.

Well, I ended up having to stop suddenly, and the fish rolled all of the way to back of the car. As soon as I started up again they rolled back the other way. I could hear the water sloshing around as they embarked on their journey around the back of the car. I felt bad for them, because I have no idea whether or not fish get motion sickness. Probably not as I don't think they have ears.

We got home and I parked Livvie in her high chair while I took care of everything: putting the gravel in, putting the plants in, hooking up the filter, and floating the fish in their bag as I screwed in the new light bulb. Then it was time to introduce the fish to the new tank. I poured the bag in slowly. It didn't matter. One of the Red Caps landed in one of the plants and got stuck, so I had to reach in and free him. Oops.

I carried the tank into Livvie's room and placed it on the dresser. I plugged everything in and turned the light on. The Red Caps swam around in the tank checking things out while the Moors stayed at the top breathing room air like carp. I offered them some food. They ignored it. I looked at Livvie who was standing in the room with me. She was ignoring the tank completely.

So I dunno. I might have wasted $52. Or I could just call the tank mine and hang out with them while Livvie plays in the living room. We'll see. Maybe we'll call it an early birthday present.


Annie said...

Perhaps it is just in the wrong spot? Don't give up on it yet, I think it was a great idea :-)

Dagny said...

hehee. I am sure she will become fascinated with it, she is just playing hard to get. ;)

Cyn said...

It is not wasted money, you will appreciate it. She will too eventually, just may take a few days before she understands they are as interesting as Nemo.