Friday, May 23, 2008

Go Fish

Well, the new fish has survived for almost 48 hours, which is longer than the first 4 survived.

The other day I scrubbed out the tank really well, washed the gravel completely, and even washed the plastic plants. Livvie and I then went to a different pet store and purchased a red betta, food, and water conditioner especially formulated for bettas.

Got home and introduced him to the tank. Compared to the little plastic container he had been living in, this tank is huge. It's only 2.5 gallons, but it appears to be more than enough room for him. He seems to be loving it.

Once again Livvie couldn't care less, so I guess this is my fish. I named him Arthur since he's red, after Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter books. I was going to call him Bill but he swam away when I said, "Bill?" He came back when I said Arthur, so I'm assuming he preferred that one.

He doesn't seem to eat very much, but he's already started creating his bubble nest at the top of the tank. Male bettas build the nest because after they mate the female leaves and the male takes care of the eggs and the babies. It would be nice to have this arrangement in my household sometimes.

He's pretty cool. He seems to find people fascinating because when you go up to the tank he swims right over and checks you out. If you run your finger over the front of the tank he follows your finger up and down. He hasn't displayed for me yet, so I might hold up a small mirror to get him to do it.

On another subject, last night I found a cockroach on the wall outside. I told Rich it was there, and he asked me if I had gotten rid of it. Um, with my bare hands? No. He said to pick up something, anything, and smash it. At this point he picked up a bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles that was on the deck railing, smacked the roach with it, and then sprayed it with the Scrubbing Bubbles. The roach then fell off the wall, through the deck slats, and onto the ground. I have no idea whether or not the assassination attempt was successful.


Em said...

We had a Betta fish that lived for several years. I'm not really a fan of fish so if my husband was out of town it wasn't fed, once for almost two weeks. He just kept living.

Annie said...

Arthur sounds lovely :-).

Dagny said...

Arthur is very handsome. :)

Nina said...

I need an Arthur but I fear it would be too much responsibility to feed it. I mean, look how I treat my cat. Eeek.

Cyn said...

Aurthur is very cute. They do not need large areas to swim around in. Yet I find what they put them in at the pet stores to be ridiculously small.

I hope the attempted assignation of the roach went according to plan.