Thursday, May 08, 2008

Oh great

Looks like there will be no playground trips today. No errands run after noon. 

The winds from this are expected to sustain at 20mph, which isn't bad for grownups, but not great for a baby. Toddler. Whatever you want to call her these days.

It's not going to be too bad this morning, obviously if you can see where Raleigh is on the map in relation to the line of storms. By noon we'll get some rain. By this afternoon the real fun will start.

You see, I have thunder phobic dogs. It started with Emma, and she was bad enough. Then she passed her fear to Ginny, and now having both of them freak out during storms is absolutely horrible. Emma used to simply whine and pace. Then it got worse. She started getting under small pieces of furniture, and if you're not in the room, say if you've gone to bed, she'll pee and shit in the kitchen where she's locked in. Ginny simply stands around and looks concerned, occasionally hiding under furniture.

We used to have to crate Emma during storms, but that ended during one particularly bad storm when she lost her mind and bent the bars of the crate trying to get out. That was the end of crating her entirely, because she started associating the crate with massive weather disturbances, and there's no way to get her to stay in one anymore. This is why overnight now the dogs are locked in the kitchen. The floor in there is much easier to clean up than the rug in the living room would be.

Emma and Ginny now also refuse to potty during storms (or any heavy rain), so tonight should be fun. Regardless of the fact that I have to make damn sure Emma does both before bed tonight so she won't go in the house, the fun part is dragging her, literally, around the yard in the rain trying to get her to go. During rain she'll plant her feet and refuse to move. This is counterproductive to me, because we sure as hell aren't going back in the house, and this just means she'll get wetter, but so be it. Ginny will run to a spot, pee, and then run back to the house, letting me know she'll poop the next day. This doesn't bother me because Ginny NEVER goes in the house. She'd rather die first.

So wish us luck today with the storms. I'm hoping I can make it through today without tearing a dog's head off.

Have a great Thursday. Get outside if you can. :)


Em said...

Goodness... well good luck... geez.

Dagny said...

Good luck with that.


I hope the storms aren't too bad.


Cyn said...

Reason with them. Explain to them how you do not like cleaning up after them. I am sure they will understand your logic and comply.

Anonymous said...

I have not lived in Raleigh long (only 3 years come July) but I came to the very quick conclusion that WRAL is the worst, as in the most ludicrously and hysterically doomsaying weather "authority" out there! I hope you and your daughter managed to enjoy your day! :-) Annespan

Annie said...

What dagny said :-). Hugs