Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Socks Part 2

Back when I was pregnant I posted this.

Needless to say I was out of my mind. Livvie never wore a single pair of socks until she started walking and needed them for her shoes. Nowadays I have to deal with these tiny white athletic socks which are about the size of my ring finger, and every time I do laundry I have to make sure all of her socks are accounted for.

This post isn't about Livvie's socks though. It's about the pile of socks that belongs to Rich.

When I met Rich I was astounded by his volume of socks. Apparently he wasn't fond of doing laundry, and instead of washing socks he'd go out and buy new ones. At one point I counted them after they were all clean while I was folding them. He had over 100 pair.

Rich usually wears more than one pair of socks per day. He'll wear his socks to work, and then after he gets changed out of his work clothes he'll replace his socks as well. This, obviously, drives me crazy.

I own 4 pair of socks. They're distinguished from his socks by the Champion logo on the bottoms. I received them for Christmas, because all of my socks had been shot to hell and needed replacing. 

So here's the deal. I refuse to fold 100 pair of socks anymore. I just won't do it. So I pull the load of socks out of the dryer, fish out my own, and then put all of Rich's socks in what has become the "sock bag," which is a giant red Target shopping bag that my mom hauled our presents with this past Christmas.

Rich doesn't fold the socks, so they stay in the bag, intermingled with each other. Every morning he has to dig through the bag to find a matching pair, and it can take up to 5 minutes sometimes. Five minutes that take up time before leaving for work.

He keeps saying that he'll sit down and match them and put them in the drawer, but it never gets done. 

So today I have done a load of socks. In this load there are about 25 pair. I'm a bit sick of the sock bag. I'm actually considering matching and folding the socks. I'm a bit leery though, as if I do it I KNOW it will automatically become my job again.

Opinions please. Should I do it? Should I take the chance? The very idea wigs me out.


jennyquarx said...

HELL NO. Leave the socks. Men and socks, I swear to God. What the hell is up with them??? Zac has a sock bag too and it will be a cold day in hell before I ever attempt to fold them. If he can't do it, I sure as hell am not going to.

Good luck!!

Heh, it was cute to read your pre Livvie sock post again!! :)

Annie said...

NO!!!Don't do it!!!!!It will never end if you do :-).

Dagny said...

HELL NO!!!!!

He can match his own damn socks!!!

Anonymous said...

step away from the socks!!!

take it from a girl who knows


Safeena said...

Take it from another girl who knows, folding them up is a THANKLESS TASK that will never go away. He is perfectly capable of holding up two socks at a time to see if they match.

I will gladly fold all of DH's other laundry but I don't match socks, especially as he can't be bothered to turn them rightside out before washing.

If it's gonna be an issue, just turn your head ever so slightly sideways and look at him like he's in-sane. "Maybe I'll fold socks again once Livvie is in high school."

Tracey said...

Don't do it!!

LOL, matching socks is a task I hate with every fiber of my being. Here's a solution, that albeit will be dear up front, will eliminate sock matching for at least a year. Pitch the sock bag. Go out and buy 10 ginormous multi packs of exactly the same sock. Problem solved. Guaranteed match every time.

Cyn said...

If you fold them say hello to your new job.

Em said...

I agree with the rest... do NOT do it.

Nina said...

My dad once came up with a brilliant sock solution. Here is what he did:

1) threw away all socks

2) purchased 10 identical pairs of dark blue socks

3) purchase 10 identical pairs of white socks

... and never folded a sock again. Any blue sock matched any other blue sock. And any white sock matched any other white sock. Done and over.

If you want to solve this problem for both of you, save up about $100 and start socks over again.

Woodrow said...

I think you should iron them and then fold them and then cook him his favorite supper.