Monday, May 19, 2008

Mice from Shirts?

Also known as spontaneous generation.

We have an ant problem. They're everywhere in our kitchen and nothing is getting rid of them. We need to buy Borax, because that's the only thing I've read about that works.

Why spontaneous generation? Because I'll look at the counter, see an ant, squish it, and then a second ant will pop up not an inch from where first ant was. Unless they move faster than light, I can't see how this is happening.

I had to throw out Livvie's Nilla Wafers because they had totally infested them. I do NOT do bugs. Not in my house. Bugs are fine if they stay outside, but it offends me when they invade my domicile.

Did I ever mention that our water turns things blue? I'm talking about everything. The bathtub was blue until I scrubbed it out last week. I can't even use the tap water for Livvie's bottles because it turns the bottle nipples blue in the space of one night.

So here's the deal with that: It didn't really occur to me not to use the tap water for the new fish.


You've got it.

All four fish are dead within 3 days. If I want to replace them I'll have to use spring water in the tank. I can't believe how much this sucks. I didn't even get a chance to bond with them, although maybe that's a good thing in retrospect.

Have a great Monday everyone.


Woodrow said...

Did you use the drops?

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry.

One time when I was seven I gave my goldfish a bath in hot soapy water. He was swimming around SO FAST in the bowl that I thought he was loving it. And then, ya know...dead.

Cyn said...

Blue? I wonder why? Should you be drinking blue water?

Em said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! (one day late)

Em said...

wait a second... today is monday isn't it? I'm not a day late! Happy Birthday! (You did say you turned 37 today right?)

Dagny said...


poor fishies....

And poor you. Hope you can be victorious in the great battle of the ants. :)

Annie said...

That's just awful, so sorry.
HUGS...I would not be drinking the water
if it kills the fish, but that is just me.

jennyquarx said...

Sorry about the fish. :(