Sunday, June 01, 2008

Feeling lazy

This is a picture of four of my cats back when they didn't live in their own house. From left to right: Remo, Bagheera, Darby, and the late Clancy.

Speaking of their own house, the reason they have one is because they're pee cats, which means they pee outside the box. Clancy started this, and they all followed suit. They had their own room in the house where they hung out overnight and when we left the house, and they absolutely destroyed it. When it came time last year to move Livvie into her own room we needed that room for her, and so Rich built the Cat House.

The Cat House is a room in the shed that he built, walls and all. It's insulated, has air conditioning, and also has heat. They have a shelf that he built onto one wall where they can hang out, and he also put in a window so they can watch the birds.

After we moved the cats to the Cat House we had to gut the room they had been in. We ripped up the carpeting, painted the entire room including the floor instead of putting down carpeting, and replaced the blinds. They had literally destroyed everything. Even trying to keep up with the pee while they lived in there was impossible. No amount of enzyme cleaner or peroxide mixture would touch it. They had saturated down to the wood floor underneath. And yes, it WAS hardwoods underneath. Utterly destroyed.

So that's why the cats have their own house. Even though I look at photos like this and miss them desperately, I know that they at least HAVE a home and A) haven't been thrown outside or B) taken to the shelter for their behavior issues. I love them, I still cuddle with them, and yes, they have peed all over the cat house as well.

Have a great Sunday, and a great week.


Safeena said...

Once a pee cat, always a pee cat. I hang my head in sorrow and disgust as I type this. We have a pee cat who was only supposed to live 6 months because of her very weak heart. It has been five years now and I really wonder if she's staying alive just for the chance to pee another day.

I feel your pain. A houseguest once offered to sneak up on the pisser and clang together some pots & pans to see if that would do her in. It's that bad.

Annie said...

I have never heard of this, but my one cat Spike is so fat his butt
sometimes hangs out the box and he hits the floor. It makes a mess, but the bathroom floor is slate and is easy to clean. Thankfully, none of the other cats have copied this. You must miss them! It is sweet you built them a home.

Em said...

Seriously... in that situation what choice did you have? They do look cute!

Cyn said...

My kids hit the litter box when they are inside the cage. Outside well, there are much better places to go to the bathroom. Like right by the front door or behind the plant on the carpet.