Thursday, June 19, 2008

Go Me

Ugly, isn't it?

Tonight I am making flounder for myself for dinner. I asked Rich if he wanted some and he said he'd try it, but to keep a leftover pork chop on standby. I agreed. Go Rich. It's hard to get him to try new things sometimes. Although he did in fact try the stewed yellow squash with onions the other night. Said it was tasty but mushy.

This morning I ran the dishwasher, folded laundry, did another load of laundry, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned and bleached the kitchen sinks, wiped down the kitchen table, and got the coffee ready for tomorrow. The dryer is in fact done now, so it's time to fold the second load. I hate folding.

I forgot to mention before, inspired by Nina I bought myself a genuine, white cotton granny gown (or Victorian inspired gown as the website proclaimed) with some of my birthday money. I absolutely love it. It makes me feel all feminine, which doesn't happen often. The only problem is that it's a bit see-through, which makes for some modesty issues. Seriously, for a gown that's supposed to be all about modesty, it's not.

Things are good here at the moment. Livvie and the dogs are sleeping, the TV is on the Discovery Channel, I just ate a tuna sammich and a peach for lunch, and I drank my 5th glass of water. I guess one could say that I'm content. Which doesn't happen that often.

Have a great Thursday everyone, and see you tomorrow.


Annie said...

Glad you are having a good day.
:-), may it continue.

Nina said...

Is it me, or is that fish upside down? Glad you are having a power day. Whee!

Cyn said...

A cleaning machine! Between the fish, no beer, lots of water and cleaning you Should make good progress on your goal.

Safeena said...

You're a machine today - congratulations on the accomplishments. Did the visit to the Headologist by any chance have anything to do with it?

Fish: CatDaddy (new name for TheDad) put himself through 6 years of college by deep sea fishing in the summers. He HATES fish. I LOVE fish. He will eat halibut, swordfish or sea bass ($$) on the grill but will eat anything else if it's shaken in flour, salt, pepper, garlic salt, then quickly pan friend with a butter, lemon juice and caper sauce. In fact, he will fight me for the past piece. Might be worth trying. Butter, lemon and caper make an irresistable lure.

Em said...

Yea... not a fan of fish.

Love the granny gown... if it's see-through your hubby probably loves it too.