Friday, June 20, 2008

In Our Yard

Baby Bucks, still with fuzzy antlers. They were busted eating blackberries off of the vines. Sorry, the zoom on my camera sucks ass.

Today I saved the same honeybee from the pool 6 times. Every time I got him out and put him somewhere, sometimes even 20 feet away, the bee would be back in the pool within 5 minutes. After the sixth time he finally gave up. I assumed he was suicidal.


Annie said...

Julie, look at that sweetness. :-).
Please don't let woodrow near him/or her.

Woodrow said...


Cyn said...

What if there were several suicidal bees, not just one?

I <3 the cuteness of the deer.

Em said...

@woodrow - Yummy??!

Very cute, Julie! And right in your back yard, even.