Friday, June 27, 2008


The baby bug has bitten me. I don't know when or how this happened, but one day recently I realized I didn't want Livvie to be an only child. I was an only child and it sucked. It still sucks. My mom is 77 years old, and if anything ever happens to her (which is bound to happen) I will have no support at all.

Rich and I talked about it yesterday, and his opinion is that we should wait because he doesn't want to be stuck at this job that he abhors forever. I can see his point. He'd like to know that if necessary he can leave there and take a lower paying job and still be able to support his family. I get that, I really do. However, when he said we should wait he added that there's still time because "people are having babies forever these days." Um, no they aren't not without assistance anyway, which we would never be able to afford.

I'm 37 years old, and my eggies ain't getting any younger. We lucked out this last time by having a healthy kid with no problems. ANYTHING can happen the older you get. I would love and cherish a disabled child, but honestly, who really wants one?

Also, as much as I really want Livvie to be potty trained prior to another kid, I think she'd be more prone to jealousy the older she gets. She already gets all of my time as it is, and I just feel that if she's say, 5 years old she'd be more inclined to despise an interloper. That would not be good.

The other reason this would be tough is that we barely have room for the three of us right now, so a new baby would have to live in the living room until Livvie is old enough for a toddler bed and the baby could have the crib. We have the pack and play which would be fine for sleeping for awhile, but in my memory that was a pain in the ass as once you remove the top part it's almost impossible to lower a baby into the bottom part without waking them up. It kind of sucked.

We've also gotten rid of all of our high ticket items like her swing, her bouncer, her infant car seat, etc. I have a 2 seater vehicle so I'd have to get another car. That would suck balls. We sort of need the truck, as we use it regularly these days for the things it's meant for. We can't afford 3 vehicles. We just can't.

So I don't know what to do. I'm waffling on this one, as it would REALLY make me happy for Livvie to have a sibling, but it would just be so tough. I have no idea what we'll do and when. But for now I guess I wait.


Dagny said...

I dont' know what to tell you.


I will say I envy the fact that you can just 'decide' to have a baby...

I have no clue what that is like...LMAO.

I think you'd be great with another one, and you can always make time and don't let that stop you.


Nina said...

You know, people live in huts in places with no a/c or running water, and they have lots of babies and they make do. I think you could work it out.

Annie said...

I agree with Nina, however this could just be a phase, so I would at least give it a couple months to think it through.

Cyn said...

Think it over some more. If this baby bug does not go away, I suggest Walmart or similar to force it to subside, then you will find a way to make it work. I would suggest having one before you turn 40 though.

Kelly said...

I almost peed myself when I read this earlier. I can't lie, I would love to see you with another babee. But I would give it at least a couple months too to see if it subsides (that's exactly what I did with myself, actually). My grandparents raised my mom, aunt, and uncle in a house much smaller than mine (and mine is S-M-A-L-L), so that doesn't worry me too much. But if it worries you than it really doesn't matter what other people do, you know?

Whatever you decide will work out great, I feel confident.