Friday, June 06, 2008

Oh. My. GAH.

I'm serious. Today it was 99 degrees and tomorrow it's going to be 100. We're looking at a few days in the 100s and then mid to high 90s until the 15th or 16th of this month.

It was so bad today that Livvie could only go outside in small, 15 minute chunks. At one point I put my foot in her pool and the water was actually hot. It was disgusting.

Rich just plugged a box fan in on the deck so we can go outside to smoke in comfort. He's a genius.

So the beach yesterday. Well it was 98 here and 85 at the beach, so we escaped the worst of the heat yesterday for most of the day. We started out at 830 in the morning and got there around 1115. The ride was ok, and Livvie behaved basically fairly well for most of it. We had a few instances of fussiness, but it was all good. When we got there we found a place to park (free parking!!) and unloaded our stuff and headed down.
We found a pretty good spot, and Livvie proceeded to run amok. She loved all of the space, but wasn't quite certain about the waves. I'd say that for the first hour they freaked her out completely.

After awhile Rich decided to sit in the surf and hold onto her and let the waves roll in over both of them. That seemed to work. 

I had to chase her around quite a bit, and she was very interested in other people to the point of walking right up to them and being somewhat rude. A few times I had to scoop her up and carry her back to the chair, and at one point some random bird was on the chair and I had to shoo him away.

I took Livvie in with me about waist deep on myself to rinse the sand off of her and got knocked down by a fairly large wave while I was holding onto her. That was a very scary moment, and I've now learned my lesson. Stay on the shore.

We left at about 130, and headed to a store to pick up a portable dvd player for the way home. Thank God we did, because she was FAR more fussy on the way home, naturally, than she was on the way down.

Got home at about 515 after having stopped for lunch etc, and I got everyone showered and bathed and ready for bed. Rich and I discovered that we both had sunburns on our backs, regardless of the SPFs, and looked forward to an interesting night of trying to sleep.

I wish we could go again soon, but the cost of the gasoline alone is enough to make that an impossibility. Oh well. At least I got 3 shells and 2 souvenir T-Shirts for Livvie to commemorate her first beach experience.

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay cool.


Cyn said...

It is finally up to a blistering 55 degrees. I wish I could trade you one day.

Anonymous said...

I envy you and your un-landlocked geography.

Annie said...

What I would not give for one day at the beach! I am glad you had fun. Keep cool. OX

Em said...

It's pretty hot here too... not that hot, but hot. I'm glad you guys had a nice day at the beach.

Erin said...

As I sit here the Heat is running due to the January weather we have outside..LOL Can you send some Sun our way, please??