Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Your Pic for the Day


This is PuttPutt when he was a kitten and was incapable of washing his own face. Ginny is helping him out.

Today I feel a bit too good. I am having insomnia issues which is never a good sign. I might have to start taking clonazepam at night just to get some sleep. That sucks.

I'm having to go to Target today to get diapers and a case of water. I hate going to Target. It's always wicked crowded and the lines at the checkouts are ridiculous.

Rich just got home from Home Depot where he purchased so many bushes that I don't even want to know how much he spent. He's planning to install them in the natural areas out front, which, granted, will look nice, but I didn't think they were really necessary. As long as I don't have to plant them though I'm fine with it.

I was writing in my journal today about how we tend to view our parents when we're young. It seems that to me anyway, my parents were handsome and beautiful and just the most awesomest ever. In retrospect my father had been showing his illness on his face for some time and looked terrible. My mother was overweight, still gorgeous, but overweight. I never even noticed these things about them. Today my mom is exceptionally overweight, considered obese even, but to me she looks fine. I guess that's a carryover from when I was a kid. I often wonder what my father would look like now, as he'd be 72 years old this year. He'd probably be bald as a melon and have shrunk a bit. He was only 5'8" when I knew him, but he comes from a short family.

Have a great day everyone. I'll catch you tomorrow.

Oh, and RIP George Carlin. You will be very missed.


Dagny said...

That is interesting.

I always, always hated my mother, from the outside in.

I was ashamed of her flabby arms and legs. Of her ugly hair, all of it.

And every night I hoped that I would never, ever look like her.

Even now, if someone says I look like her (which I do NOT!!!!!) I want to puke.

i am guessing all of that is not a normal child reaction to their mother.

now my dad I thought quite handsome, but he was my dad...

I guess my mom sucked from early on, and that was how I viewed her to due her treatment of me...would make sense I guess.

I am very glad to know that not everyone thinks that of their mothers though...I was worried if I ever had a kid they'd be ashamed of me.....

Cyn said...

Lol nice pic.

I always thought of my parents as good looking as well. This was reinforced when others told me they were. However in the last 10 years they have really grown older and fatter. Dad especially I am worried about. He no longer can be called slightly over weight. He has a weight problem, mostly in his stomach. Mainly that is why I am concerned about my weight now, when I can do something about it. I do NOT want to be that heavy, ever.

Annie said...

My parents were both beautiful and even at 77 my mom is still beautiful and looks at least 10 years younger than she is. I however never thought about it one way or another except once in a while I would think, wow, my parents look like movie stars :-).