Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh Joy

This afternoon I have one of my famous 15 minute appointments with Headologist #1. 15 minutes for $80. I have to leave here at 150 to be there at 230, because I have to drive on one of the most heavily traveled streets in town.

It's just a follow-up appointment. Nothing major is going on, so I get to tell her that yes, my meds are in fact working, that no, in fact, I do not need the anxiety therapist anymore, and that I need refills for all of my drugs.

These appointments irritate the fuck out of me. Mainly because of the cost and the short amount of time alloted, but also because she only writes scrips for 3 months at a time. I honestly don't see why she doesn't write them a year out, because it can't be because she wants to make sure I'll come in for my visits. If that were the case she'd refuse to call in scrips for me without seeing me first. It's ridiculous.

The other thing that's pissing me off is that my Lamictal was supposed to go generic in May and it hasn't yet. That means $40 out of my pocket for that one every month, plus another $40 for the Abilify. It's insane. Thank the gods I only have to see the headologist once every 3 months for now, because I don't think I could afford it. As it is, right now I've spent the $40 for the Lamictal yesterday, $80 today, and then another $40 for the Abilify coming up on Friday. If you aren't doing the math, that's $160 in one week folks. Just for my brain.

Yes, yes, my brain is worth it. But it would make me a hell of a lot happier to have that generic available.

On another front, the tree guy was supposed to come and cut down Eric the Half a Tree yesterday but never showed up. He called and said his son was sick, and that he'd be here first thing in the morning today. Well, it's 9am, first thing in the morning has passed, and he's still not here yet. Both Rich and I are getting pissed. Rich because he has spent 2 mornings working from home now, and me because Rich is. Oh, I'm also pissed because that Half a Tree is dangerous and needs to come down. Now.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. Enjoy yourselves for me, ok?


Em said...

$80 for 15 minutes?!?! That's ridiculous!

Cyn said...

Medical costs are uber expensive and never seem quite worth it. However if the meds are working then you have to pay. Just means you have less money for fun stuff, like food. But hey you are dieting now anyway, you do not need to eat. How often does one really need to eat anyway? :-p