Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Suck it Up

I'm no crazy creep, I've got it coming
To me because I'm not satisfied
The hunger keeps on growing
I eat too much
I drink too much
I want too much
Too much

And I do. I can't stop eating, and I've been drinking an inordinate amount of EVERYTHING. Not just booze. The booze is the problem, obviously, because who cares if I drink 8 bottles of water a day...

This is leading to... tight clothing. Again. I measured my waist and it's 30 inches. 1 inch less than Rich's. Now, I'm sorry, but for me anyway, being able to wear my husband's clothes and have them fit perfectly is unacceptable.

I honestly didn't mind being 150 so much, but now that I've hit 155 it's made me realize that I'm 10 pounds away from my full term pregnancy weight. And I had gained 35 pounds when pregnant. So since last spring I've gained 25 pounds. 25 pounds of pressure on my back, fat that could lead to health problems, and snoring issues. Lovely.

So now I have to have a plan. Dieting is out of the question, as I am not making 2 dinners for us every night. All I can do is watch what I eat during the day and then eat small amounts of whatever is for dinner at night I guess. I need to get some more vegetables into my diet and less booze. I've already begun that one, as I had 1 beer yesterday and then "only" 2 gin and tonics. My goal is to cut totally back to 1 beer a day and that's all. I might start that tonight.

As for vegetables, I have to hit the grocery store and actually buy some. I need to hit the farm stand for tomatoes, because I'll be damned if I'll buy salmonella laden tomatoes at the store (did you hear about that?? Insane). And I guess I'll have to cut out a great deal of our starches. We live on potatoes and pasta. I have switched to whole wheat pasta, but I'm not sure that's a whole lot better for you. Probably not much, calorie wise.

So today I have stocked the cooler and fridge with Coke Zeros and water bottles, and will be back on my prior thing of drinking as much fluid as I can in a day to fill up and not be hungry. I tried it with the water yesterday and it didn't really work well, but I think I only had 5 bottles of water total. My goal is 8. Last time I tried to get back down to 140 I was drinking 96 oz of water in a day and I lost 5 pounds. I'm trying this time to get down to about 145, so that's 10 pounds I need to lose.

My only problem? I need to eat more fish. Rich doesn't like fish unless it comes in a Mrs Pauls box or a can of tuna. Oh well. Maybe I'll have to start making 2 dinners after all.


Dagny said...

I need to do same. My lentil burgs are really easy and low cal and yummy, you want the general recipe? You can keep them frozen and then just pop them in the microwave when you want to eat one. They are divine with salsa. :D

And I totally hear ya. Only a back injury caused me to gain 25 lbs...LOL.

Woodrow said...

Diet tonic water.

Em said...

I feel your pain, Julie. I really do. Hey- I said this on my blog awhile back but really get the book Mindless Eating -- it is not a diet book!

LizB said...

Fiber-wise, the whole wheat pasta is better for you. Supposedly, the grams of fiber counteract some of the carbs. Drinking definitely hurts my waist too; I've cut it back to two drinks a week (2 beers, or 2 glasses of wine, usually).

Annie said...

It's those massive carbs that do it to me. I don't weigh much-130, but I carry it all in the middle, so I am forever trying to lose more weight. Stopping carbs for a week usually drops me 5 pounds, but it
is hard. Slim fast works pretty fast if you can stand the taste.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Good luck darling. I'm jumping on that wagon myself.

LizB said...

Just curious -- has Rick ever tried different varieties of fish, seafood, and shellfish, or is he simply refusing to try? You mentioned he wouldn't even go for scallops, which in the fish world, are pretty tame. Could you convince him to give fish a chance, even if he had bad experiences with it in the past? I've got a great recipe for bacon-wrapped scallops, if you're interested.

When Mike and I got married, I knew already he was a somewhat picky eater; therefore, one day I asked him to make a bargain with me, that he would always at least try whatever I created in the kitchen. He has the right to tell me (nicely) if he doesn't care for something, but must give it a try. I also asked him to be open to trying new dishes in restaurants. We agreed this was a reasonable way to set an example for our kids as well. Believe it or not, the plain meat and potatoes guy eats pretty much everything now. It took a few years, but it worked.