Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm beginning to hate trees. Truly. This morning we woke up and discovered that the storms last night had impaled a rather large tree branch into the roof of our shed. It's poking all the way through the plywood. It's probably a $20 fix, so it isn't worth submitting to the insurance company, but it's going to be a royal pain to fix.

At least it's not over the cat side of the shed, so it won't leak on them.

However, all of my stuff from when I moved is stored in the top of the shed, boxes of books and photo albums etc, and if that stuff gets ruined I will seriously shit a brick. I can't afford to replace some of that stuff, and the things like the photos are irreplaceable. 

At least we got rain right? 

It rained so hard that Livvie's pool was filled this morning, and so was her water table. That's just crazy. The airport is registering 1.3 inches from yesterday, but I'd wager we got more than that here. We desperately needed it too. The lake levels are falling again, and we're once again classified in Severe Drought conditions, so the more we get the better. I'm actually hoping for a good tropical storm to come along this summer and give us a good dousing.

No hurricanes though. I still remember Fran, Floyd, and Dennis.

Here's Fran:

After Fran made landfall the entire state of NC was covered. So were many parts of Virginia. And Maryland. And Delaware. It was the largest storm I have ever seen. It was my second Hurricane down here. The first one was Bertha about a month before. Bertha did some damage to the eastern part of the state, but most of Fran's fury was concentrated on central NC. It was just awful. My ex in-laws had about 20 trees in their backyard uprooted totally, and it took them weeks to cut them up and haul them away.

If we get a hurricane coming up from the south this year the entire second half of Eric the Half a Tree will come down, roots and all. Thankfully it's positioned so that it won't hit the house, but it would probably cost about $1000 to get it removed. We also have many dead pines that would come down, and I'm not so certain that the roof of the house could withstand it.

I love storms, except for the part where they freak out my dogs. I hate wind. I DESPISE wind. 

Keep your fingers crossed that it's a fairly uneventful summer. Hurricane season started on June 1st, but they normally don't head for NC until August and September. I have no idea why.

Oh, and remind me to start stocking up on gallons of water to store in the shed. We have a well. If we lose power we have no water. And not being able to flush the toilet would suck ass.


Dagny said...


Damn trees.


Glad you got some water though.


Nina said...

I used to love thunderstorms until the recent thundernado in New Jersey. Now I am less fond.

squirrelgirl said...

We need the rain here too, but I prefer it when the trees stay upright with branches intact:-) When we get a tropical storm or hurricane approaching, I fill one of the bathtubs with water for toilet flushing and keep the bottled water for drinking.