Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kill Me Now

I've had a migraine for the past 3 days. I ran out of meds for it yesterday. I just called the doctor and asked for a refill to be called in, so hopefully it'll be waiting for me at the pharmacy soon.

I know what's causing it. It's ovulation week. And since I'm not on the pill anymore I should have expected it. Prior to BC pills I got a migraine every single time I ovulated. It's lovely. 

When I got pregnant I had 2 migraines within the first 2 months, and then never had another one again until after I stopped breast feeding. They've been few and far between, so this one having lasted 3 days so far is an anomaly. 
My head feels like it's about to crack in half. The interesting thing is that I'm ovulating on the right side this month, and the migraine is also on the right side. It would be interesting to see if they truly do correspond with each other. 

Along with the pain I get nausea, visual disturbances, and this feeling of cold on that side of my head. It pisses me off that people think they're just bad headaches, because they're not. Migraines are a type of seizure disorder, and they aren't safe at all. I had one once that lasted 8 days and it even affected my speech. My words were slurring and I couldn't find the right words a lot either. I ended up with an MRI to see if I had had a stroke.

Hopefully Doc will call in this scrip soon. I can't function very well (you should see how many times I've hit backspace in this post alone) and the noises my kid is making are driving me nuts. I just want to go lie down somewhere and die.


Annie said...

I know how you feel. I get a migraine about once or twice a year and I cannot leave my house.
I always want to die. One thing that always helps me is to make myself throw up, I know it's gross, but it always helps.
Feel better. OXOX

Safeena said...

I almmost never get them anymore, only get icepick one-eye ones & cannot imagine what agony you're going through.

Be better soon.

Dagny said...

Hope you are feeling better today.