Monday, July 28, 2008

No More

No more talk about cars until we actually have one in our driveway. No more hoping and wishing that I'll get back on the road anytime soon. No more requests for good luck for me, as the wishes received aren't really working.

No more.

But thank you all just the same.

Here's how I spent my day yesterday:

Yes, I did. I left the TV off until about 1pm, and then I put on Discovery and watched sharks all day. ALL day. I was still watching sharks in bed last night. All of the shows pre-9pm were ones I had seen in seasons past, but I didn't care. I loves me some sharks.

The Great White is my favorite because I think it has a cute face. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but I really do find it adorable when it isn't ripping something apart.

Have you ever seen Air Jaws? If you haven't, rent it. It's all about the Great Whites of South Africa that breach the water like whales when they're attacking their prey from below (see photo on right). It's utterly fascinating. I know Netflix has it and you can add it to your queue, so I would do so. Seriously. It makes for a wonderful hour of entertainment.

Today at 9am the Discovery Channel will go on again, and once again my day will be saturated with sharks. I believe the Shark Week Dirty Jobs special is on tonight, and I absolutely HAVE to stay up for that. Every year Mr Rowe does a great job with the topic.

Have a great Monday everyone. :)


Dagny said...

All the good ones were on the HD channel which we don't get.

I was pissed off.

Hope there are some on today I can see.....

Annie said...

Love the sharks! Wish I had tv this week :-). Have fun and stay out of the water :-).

Em said...

OH I forgot about the sharks already. I need to put that for my kid. Have a great Monday, Julie.

Cyn said...

Drat why did shark week have to start when I was away? At least I can catch some of it now.