Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This morning we sold the truck.

The kid up at the gas station bought it. We weren't sure if it was going to work out because last night when Rich went up to talk to him he told Rich that he had spoken to his mechanic and the guy said it sounded like the starter. Given that Rich had explained several times that the engine needed a rebuild this was worrisome. It wasn't unexpected though as English is the kid's second language, so he simply didn't understand.

This morning he arrived at 830 and brought his mechanic with him, thank the Gods. Rich explained everything to the mechanic and the mechanic explained everything to the kid in Spanish. They stood around and contemplated for quite some time, while the mechanic told him that for $2k he could drop a new/used engine into it.

The kid decided to buy the truck anyway.

So he handed over $2300, the final $200 to be given to us when we hand over the title, and that was that.

Today at some point a tow truck will arrive to take my baby away.

At least I'll get to visit it on days when the kid works at the station. That's gonna be so weird.

Have a great Tuesday. Catch ya tomorrow.


Em said...

Well, that's a relief.

Dagny said...

I think it will be nice to see it being loved...I always felt that way when I saw my old buick...

But I know it is hard too.


Annie said...

I think you did pretty good getting that much for it. I know it is hard to let go-Big hug.

Kelly said...

I'm glad it's sold, even though it's bittersweet for you.

Michele said...

ditto. I know how hard it is, I felt the same way about my isuzu pickup.