Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good God

This might completely suck.

Rich and a friend of his are going to attempt to tow my truck back from the service station all by themselves.

Yes, they are going to attach a chain or a strap to said friend's truck (a Datsun. Remember those??) and pull my truck down the road and into the driveway.

I'm mildly freaked out.

First of all, this is a very busy road. Second of all, this just totally smacks of a, "Hey y'all! Watch this!!!" moment. If they were launching pianos with a trebuchet it couldn't get any worse.

They've headed to Home Depot to locate a strap, and then they're going to stop at the service station on the way home. This means that I might not ever see my husband again, if some jackass decides to ignore the non-running truck attached to a strap being turned into my driveway behind a Datsun.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Datsuns. They in fact became Nissans, which is what my truck is. It's just that that truck is way small, and I just don't see how it's going to manage to pull my truck at all. If we had Rich's old Silverado I'd have no worries about that at all.

In the meantime, some kid who works at the gas station next to the service station has offered us $2600 for the truck even though he knows it's not running. We can't tell if he's serious or not. If he is I'll gladly sell it to him because we owe exactly $2600 on the damn thing. That would make life a whole lot simpler and less expensive.

That's it for today. Please cross your fingers that hubby doesn't end up dead or maimed by this experience. Thank you.


Of course the Goddamn thing started and Rich was able to drive it home. Apparently there is a gigantic knocking sound in the engine though, and they think it's a rod or something similar. Regardless, once they have to get into the engine and fix everything it'll cost too much to fix. So, we still need another car. Oh well.


LizB said...

Ooooh sell it -- what an awesome solution. I know you hate to lose it, but if you know it's going to cost to much to fix it, may as well let it go to the kid who will probably hotrod it up.

Michele said...

yeah, maybe selling it to that kid is best... he may be learning how to do repairs, and may be able to fix it eventually, and you would be out from under that financial burden.

Annie said...

Yeah, sell it, if you can. Glad Rich did not have to die :-).