Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bwah ha ha ha haaaaa

It's 930pm and I'm lying in bed. Rich comes in and gets in bed. Dirty Jobs is on the TV. Rich turns his fan on low. Then...


Late start for them. About 2 minutes later another one. They're slow, these amateurs, and they also need to make sure they don't blow off limbs.


I'm starting to get peeved. According to Rich, it's good that they're simply fireworks and not bullets. Yeah, that's true. But I get nervous, VERY nervous that something will happen. An accidental fire. Dismemberment. A child getting hurt. OH, and did I mention it could possibly, POSSIBLY wake up my kid?

And then...


I said, "Was that thunder?" 



If I could figure out a sound effect for the pouring rain I would. Think to yourself the sound of a wall of water hitting your home and you've probably got it.

Oddly, the CRRAAACCCKK BOOMs stopped at this point. Or not so oddly, as I imagine people were gathering up bowls of potato salad, leftover burgers, coolers full of beer, and hauling them all inside their homes. I'm assuming the fireworks got hauled inside too, at least the ones that didn't get ruined by water.

The thunder stayed a good 7-8 miles away. The rain was right on top of us. It was a Good Night.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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Annie said...

I would have perfered that thunder. I had fireworks going off for hours. First I could not sleep because of them, then they kept waking me up. I hate th 4th of July