Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight

First of all, Livvie is never allowed to see this movie until she's about 11 years old. In the first place, she wouldn't be able to follow the plot. In the second place, it's wayyyy too violent for her. Now, I know I loves me some violence, but Heath Ledger was SCARY ass good as the Joker, and she doesn't need nightmares. I want her to LOVE the Joker, not fear him. Hell, I might even have nightmares tonight.

This movie was almost 3 hours of awesome.


I ended up depressed by the end of the movie as Mr Ledger will never be able to return. I have to say the performance was Oscar worthy. It truly was. What a tremendous waste.

In the theater you had your usual talkers, and I swear to God if one more of them tried to explain to their friend the basic premise of Batman DURING the film I was going to rip out their guts with my straw. Yes, I did get a soda, because they had Coke Zero at the fountain, and I've never had fountain Coke Zero. It was good.

Back to the complaint:

DO NOT talk in the movie ever. I mean, if you want to interject something like WOOHOO when something fantastic happens that's one thing. But do NOT have entire conversations explaining the back story of how the Batman became the Batman, who Harvey Dent is, and that no, Commissioner Gordon is not in fact Commissioner yet. Do that BEFORE the movie starts, while they're running the ads for the local martial arts studios and real estate brokers.

This public service announcement brought to you by everyone who had to listen to the chicks in the back row.

And, yes, while I AM impressed that a chick knew all of this stuff, let's face it, there aren't that many of us out there, really, I do have to say SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY.


Thank you.

Back to our regularly scheduled blog tomorrow.


Michele said...

LMAO... yeah, I seriously hate the talkers. it is NOT cool to explain stuff while the movie is happening.

The movie sounds awesome! I need to discuss with James when we are going. :)

Cyn said...

Yep, gets annoying those silly talkers.

I want to see this movie, haven't yet. I will assume Christian was brilliant as always.