Thursday, July 03, 2008

How Hard Is It??

How hard is it to remember to take out the garbage?

Last night I asked Rich to take the trash to the street and he said he'd do it "later." I went to bed at 830 to read and watch TV, and he came in sometime after 10.

I got up this morning and discovered that he had made nachos last night prior to coming to bed. Not a problem. He was hungry. So what?

So I went outside to smoke, and discovered the trash bin sitting next to the driveway. He had not taken it out. He had time to make nachos, but no time to take out the garbage?

So after he got up I did my snotty, "Thanks for taking the trash down."

"Oh, I forgot." I told him I had figured as much. He then said that he had planned to take it out this morning prior to going to work. Riiight.

By this time I had dragged the heavy ass bin all the way to the street, huffing and puffing all the way. It really was insanely heavy. I also had the job of taking the recycling to the street, which isn't terribly bad as we usually only have plastic bottles and aluminum cans in there. Pretty light, but still.

This happens every single week. He always forgets, I always end up having to get dressed right away on Thursdays so I can get it to the street before the trash men show up.

So really, how hard is it? Anyone else have this problem? Because frankly, I don't feel like asking more than once.


Cyn said...

Convenient how he forgets every single time.

Safeena said...

Uhhhh I think we have the same husband.

Want a really shitty passive agressive method of helping them remember?

"This one" also "forgets" to do things or dos things he shouldn't because "it's a habit".

When he leaves coffee grounds all over the frigging counter instead of cleaning up after himself, or closes the cutting board so that bread crumbs go in the silverware drawer, I sweep em up and deposit the pile on his desk. About the 3rd or 4th time they get deposited onto his keyboard. That gets his atention! I hvae also put the trash can into the bed of his pickup truck. It took two boards and a hand truck to do it, but it was guaranteed to get his attention.

It only took ONCE to make that point.

Aaah the depths to which they can make us sink!

LizB said...

My husband cured his forgetfulness about taking out the trash on pick-up days; he pays my son to do it, and HE never forgets. :)

Dagny said...

men are jerks.