Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boo Hiss

Well, the dealership wouldn't sell us the car without my mom actually being here in person.

They refused to fax her the paperwork to be signed or even to FedEx it to her. They said it wasn't worth their time.


We found another dealership that actually WILL do the above. They'll FedEx her the paperwork, have her FedEx it back, and it'll be a done deal. Problem is, the Yaris isn't available anywhere. It's in such high demand that it's backordered for several months. I can't go several months without a vehicle, so today Rich is going to go look at a white Toyota Corolla at said dealership and see what's what with that. He'd prefer a hatchback to a sedan, and a manual to an automatic, but whatever. It's only going to be a commuter car.

Plus, Corollas are excellent cars. This one only has 29k+ miles on it, so it's still under manufacturer's warranty. Plus this particular dealership offers a lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own the car. That'll work.

I'm still pissed about the first dealership, because it was a waste of time and gas for Rich to go out there yesterday. It's not like it's right around the corner.

So wish us luck on the Corolla now. Hopefully Rich will like it enough. I'm so sick of all of this I could barf.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Michele said...

That sucks that they won't deal with the signature thing. jerks!

I hope the other car works out for you!!!

Annie said...

I wish we could live without the cars. They can be a hassle from start to finish, but we need em.
Good luck with the new car!

LAS said...

Good luck with the car! I hope it works out!