Saturday, July 26, 2008


Rich is on his way to the dealership to order a white Toyota Yaris hatchback. It will use the full $16k of our loan plus tax, tags, and doc fees. Oh well. I was hoping to spend about $14k on something.

Supposedly this vehicle gets 36mpg highway, and some people get up to 45. We'll see. Rich drives highway to get to work, and our Ford Escape will be my car and our weekend car, so really this is only going to be a commuter vehicle. Good enough for that I suppose.

Unfortunately he now has to handle the dealership. You all know how that goes. He's planning to be a dick if things don't go his way, and tell them that he'll just go to the other dealership where they offer a lifetime limited warranty. Hopefully that'll get him out the door with some cash to spare.

The kid who wants the truck is coming by this coming week to buy it apparently. I'm still not certain he's serious, or that he has $2600 in cash to spend. He works in a convenience store for crying out loud, and I know for a fact that this particular one only pays $8 an hour. And we will ONLY take cash. No personal checks. We don't want to end up fucked.

We'll see how all of this goes. I hate car shopping. Absolutely hate it. It's worse than when I went house hunting with the Ex. It really is.

Have a great Saturday. Catch y'all tomorrow.


Dagny said...

Good luck!!!!!


Annie said...

Toyota's are good and I here last a long while, so you picked a good brand at least. Good luck with the kid, but perhaps he has parents who are buying th truck for him...

Annie said...

Hey, I meant hear :-). I hate that you can't edit after you post a comment, that is always when I notice an error. Oh, and there is an e after th :-).

Dagny said...


Em said...

Very cute!