Monday, July 21, 2008


My child stole my toenail clippings off of the computer table where I was placing them prior to throwing them out. I have no idea what she did with them. I can only assume they're in the rug somewhere, my DNA, waiting to be stepped on with bare feet.

My child ate stewed yellow squash with onions. I had made some for dinner, and we chose to eat in the living room in front of the TV last night. She is fascinated with our food whenever we eat in the living room, and she kept trying to touch Rich's squash. He cut some up into small pieces and handed it to her, one at a time, and she actually ate it. I was thrilled.

My child drank not one single ounce of milk. The other day I had tried to sneak some liquid vitamins into her by hiding them in a bottle of milk. She took one sip and threw the bottle. She hasn't drunk milk since. This is worrisome because she needs calcium and won't eat cheese, but the really good thing about it is that she's now eating like a fiend. However, she does still get formula at night, and there's calcium in there, so I should just shut up and not worry.

It didn't rain. We were then required to water our plants with the hose on drip. Rich got into bed at about 930, and got all settled down nice and cozy, and then realized he hadn't turned off the hose. He had to run outside and do it. He was crabby about that.

I killed 2 mosquitos on myself and got blood all over my hands both times. It was disgusting. I was smoking each time, so I had to hold the offending hand far away from myself until I was done smoking and could then go wash up. Rich killed 5 mosquitos on himself before giving up and applying Deep Woods OFF. My solution was to put sweatpants on even though it was over 90 degrees.

I have already mentioned that the truck came home. It sits, on the side of the driveway, looking forlorn and unused. At least it was washed. It's nice and pretty and forlorn.

We might have found a new car at a local dealership if they still have it. It's a white Chevy Aveo and they're asking $9980 for it. Amazing price. After tax, tags, and doc fees I think we're talking $200 a month. Totally doable. Have heard conflicting accounts of the reliability of the Aveo, however, so we're not sure.

I saw a large box tortoise in the side yard. I moved him so that Rich wouldn't run him over with the lawn mower, and he was less than happy about the situation. I told him to suck it up or he'd end up in pieces and become bird food. 

That's about it for yesterday, other than there was a Deadliest Catch marathon on all day and I ended up watching most of it. I'm very concerned about Phil, one of the captains. He thought he had broken his ribs and punctured a lung, but when the hard head finally gave in and went back to port to go to the hospital they discovered that he had actually thrown a clot and ended up with an pulmonary aneurism. They originally gave him 2 weeks to live. Then they stretched it to 2 months. At this rate I'm not even certain if he's still around, as the season ends Tuesday night and it won't be back on again until fall. Regardless, his fishing career is probably over, and that saddens me. He was my favorite captain. I would have liked him to be my dad. 


Em said...

ewww... dead bloody mosquitos...

Michele said...

I hate mosquitos. We have millions of them out back, Kevin can't even play out there right now. :P

Kimber said...

The mosquitos here are HORRID!!! I worked in the garden with my eyes closed because even though I had sprayed myself head to toe (TWICE!) with repellent, they were SWARMING. The poor dogs!