Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm Going to be Sick

The truck is going to cost $2500 at least to get fixed.

We can't fix it.

I called my credit union about getting a new loan with my mom as a cosigner, and they're going to take her application over the phone and then fax her the paperwork.

So this means that we'll have a truck sitting in our yard rotting until the damn thing is paid off in the next 10 mos.

We might be able to sell it for parts.

I'm just so sick to my stomach over this whole thing and I can't believe it. 
It won't even run, so we'll have to get it towed back to the house for another $65.

This is my TRUCK dammit.

If we can get another car we're going to get a commuter car such as a Fit or something similar that gets decent gas mileage, and Rich will drive that one and I'll drive the Ford. I don't want to drive the Ford. I don't want another car at all. I want MY truck.

I guess we have no choice. I need a vehicle with a baby in the house. 

We're asking for a $14k loan, and they said with my mom as cosigner we might be able to get an interest rate of 6.2%-7% for 72 months.

I hope that's true.

Cross your fingers for me please. I need all of the good wishes I can get right now.


Dagny said...

Fingers, toes, eyes, and of course tubes all crossed for you.

that fucking sucks ass.

I'm sorry. :(


Safeena said...

Absolutely crossed. I totally understand about wanting YOUR TRUCK and not some other piece of shit with a steering wheel.

This weekend CatDaddy killed the transmission on his new truck by driving a long way, really fast, full A/c, 110 degrees outside, in 3rd gear. It will be $2300 IF they can do a rebuild. If.

He will pay is no many ways.

Annie said...

Everything crossable is crossed.
Big hugs coming your way.So sorry.

Cyn said...

That is terrible news. Sorry hon. :-s

Em said...

Oh man... that really sucks, Julie.