Friday, July 18, 2008


PuttPutt licked me this morning.

The reason this is important is because he hasn't shown me any affection in about 9 months or more. I was thrilled.

PuttPutt came to me when I was working at the shelter. He was about 10 days old, and some construction workers brought him in. Apparently his mother had been hanging around an uncapped well, and they were afraid she would fall in so they captured her and took her far away. They then discovered her kitten. Oops.

They brought him in and I volunteered to foster him. They sent him home with me, along with a kitten bottle, nipples, kitten formula, and cat carrier for him to live in.

He was so loud I named him Bobcat Goldthwait. He was hilarious, and he scratched the hell out of my hands with his little needle claws. I was required to help him go potty at that point, so we used those cotton swipers that you use to remove makeup. He hated having to go potty. He HATED it.

As he grew he got cuter and cuter, and we also discovered he was cross eyed. He learned to walk. Walking was absolutely hysterical, as he would just chug himself around the room. At this point Rich changed his name to PuttPutt. 

I had requested a ferret prior to PuttPutt coming home, and Rich had relented. However, after having raised this tiny creature from infancy I was so attached to him that I asked if we could keep him. Rich said he's rather have him than a ferret, so ours he was (after of course I had to go through the application process at work).

PuttPutt tested FIV positive. Mildly positive, but still. FIV is spread through deep bites, so we took a chance and kept him in the general population with plans to retest him at 4 months. When 4 months came along he tested negative. WooHOO! I was so excited.

One day I came home from work to find him with a fishing lure in one of his paw pads. It was a treble hook, which is one of the ones with 3 hooks attached to each other. Off to the ER we went for the barbs to be cut off and the hooks to be removed. HOW he had gotten to it I don't know. He had had to open a box first in order to remove it. Apparently it looked too much like a cat toy to resist.

PuttPutt became best friends with my cat Bagheera. They slept together and played together constantly. It was great, because Bagheera was about 7 years older than PuttPutt and needed the stimulation.

PuttPutt grew into a fine looking cat. We had determined that he was a Norwegian Forest Cat mix, which might be wishful thinking, but he sure does look like one. Thank you PuttPutt for still loving me, because I love you to bits.


Annie said...

Thank you for sharing Putt-putt
with us :-). He is a beautiful cat!

Safeena said...

He is so gorgeous in a big cat who's still little on the inside way!

Kisses to you, PuttPutt!!

Em said...

awww... so sweet.

Michele said...

Wow, PuttPutt is seriously handsome! Thanks for the story! I love hearing about finding our buds. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my god!!!! Those tiny teeny kitty paws in that first picture are adorable...