Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Oh beer, I'm missing you so.

There has been no beer in the house for 2 nights now. Rich has quit drinking. Given that he could put away several a night, this is huge.

Unfortunately this also means that I have quit beer totally too. I'm missing sitting out on the deck at 830 at night, sipping a beer while smoking a cigarette, watching the traffic go by.

Even though I had cut down to 1-2 a night, it was nice to have that little friend. It was something to do to alleviate boredom. It was (not) tasty, being Bud Light, but it was beer after all, and beer is life. Beer is enjoyable. Beer is fizzy.

On the plus side, given that there was no purchase of beer and bags of ice, we saved $25 in 2 days. That's right, $25. We're going through bottled water like crazy however, and I'm getting irritated because I considered that water mine for my new diet, and Rich is charging through it.

My water. Mine.

The other plus side to no beer for Rich is that his blood pressure will most assuredly go down, and that is extremely important. I don't think he's had his blood pressure taken since the Flu of 2005, but I'm pretty sure, as was he, that it was fairly high. Hopefully this will help considerably.

I had one Gin and Tonic last night, but it wasn't the same as sitting with the beer. And, after having NOT had one for several days the tonic water had de-fizzed, so it was quite the substandard drink. It was a bummer. I'd have definitely preferred a beer.

So I'm not sure if this is just going to be a work night thing alone or if he's planning on no beer over the weekends too. I haven't asked him. I'm thinking not though. I'm thinking that on Fridays and Saturdays there will in fact be beer. Maybe though he'll content himself with a six pack and I'll drink only one. That would be lovely. I really do miss it already.


Annie said...

Oh Julie I think this is great. I know you miss the beer, but just think how much more weight you will lose(beer is full of carb) and it will keep Rich healthy. You won't miss it after another week :-).
P.S. I hate beer :-) give me a glass of wine anytime though.

Cyn said...

I never have been a fan of beer. I can drink it but would rather have the long island ice tea or G&T instead.

Em said...

I like an ice cold beer every now and then but I'm a wine drinker most of the time. It is hard, for sure, to remove these things from your life once they are in there regularly and working their magic. But you'll develop new habits and make new *friends*