Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Plans for Today

Hulk Smash. 

Yep, we're off to see The Incredible Hulk. BFF and I needed to go to the movies so this is our choice. I'm really hoping this one is better than the last one. It's getting fairly decent reviews so we'll see.

Even if it sucks we'll get a good deal of colossal fighting and some explosions out of it, and hey, what's a big screen for if not for that? Does anyone honestly go see dramas and love stories on the big screen? and if so, why?

After the movie I have to come home and get on with the chores while Rich does his thing outside. I have laundry and dishes to do, and I still haven't gotten around to dusting the bedroom TV and its components. That desperately needs to be done. 

Did I mention I get to have popcorn today?

Absolute favorite part of the movie-going experience. Theater popcorn, no butter. That "butter" stuff they use is disgusting and can kill you within 3 days, so why bother?

BFF always gets an Icee, which is I think her absolute favorite part of the movie-going experience. She might even get some M&Ms. We'll see if she's in a wild and crazy mood. I content myself with no drink, because I have no intention ever of having to leave the theater to go pee. I refuse.

I sat through all of each LOTR movie without having to get up to pee even once. I consider that a victory.

So what are your plans for this lovely Sunday? I hope everyone has a pleasant one. I'll update later with a short review of the movie. Take care!


jennyquarx said...

Have fun! Drink or no drink, I always have to pee during the movie. I didn't get to see the Wolverine berserker scene until I rented it. Poor timing. I ODed on theatre popcorn long ago. I want a full review when you get back!!

Cyn said...

I do not get a drink for the same reason. I also go for the explosions and fight scenes. I can only take so many chick flicks a year. I rent those usually.

Am right this moment watching Ghostbusters for the love story and in depth plot line. :-p

Annie said...

I also Never drink/and pee during a movie. Hope it was good.