Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ok, sure.

Our neighbors across the street own a $500,000 home. It IS quite beautiful, and it has a great deal of land for this area. As far as we can tell they own a landscaping business. We aren't sure, because we've never met them.

Also as far as we can tell they were either selling crack or meth at some point because about 10 cars a day would drive in and out of their property, and the cars were always different. It was quite suspicious, and it provided us with great hilarity when we were out on the deck smoking. One time 3 cars arrived within 15 minutes of each other. They also left within a few minutes of arriving, so honestly, we're pretty sure something was up over there.

About a month ago the neighbors installed a gate on their driveway. It's about 8 feet tall and black chain link. It has red reflectors on it and they lock it when they leave. There is no fence. The gate stands alone.

A mother and her son live there, and we have never seen a man who looks like he's a resident. When they pull into the driveway the mother makes the son get out to unlock the gate, and then she continues up the driveway in one of their many vehicles while making her son walk to the house. We find this rude. She even does it to him when it's raining.

So about 2 weeks ago a sign appeared on the gate. "Beware of Dog." This happened to coincide with an African American salesman having gone up and down the street to sell I have no recollection what. After he had visited our house he had crossed the street, walked to one side of the gate, and crossed their yard to the front door. 

The dog? A dachshund. 

Oh, and the traffic over there has reduced considerably now that the gate is up, so maybe they have ended their little side-line.

Now we want our own gate. With one of those little signs that says, "Beware of Owner." 


Dagny said...

How very odd, and interesting!

Annie said...

I had neighbors who had people leaving their cars in the street, still running while they ran into their house. I figured the same as you-drugs. What else can it be? Weird how they have a gate and no fence...

Safeena said...

If it's not drugs, it's the quickest quickies on the planet.

A decade ago, in London, TheDad bought the most amazing piece of house art ever. It's a classic brass plaque that says "BEWARE OF THE WIFE".

Yes it's on our front door. Cracks up the mailmane every frigging single day.

Em said...

That's so strange.

Cyn said...

I have seen lots of beware of cat signs. You could get ones of those.