Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunday #2

Today's official weigh-in was 145.5 pounds. That puts me a half a pound away from my original goal. That rocks.

My cousin Scott was hospitalized for crazyness recently and has been officially diagnosed as Bipolar. He's also an alcoholic. He's been busted for DUI. I feel very bad for him, although the DUI is unacceptable. I contacted his mother and let her know which meds I'm on, and also offered my support whenever it's needed. I'm not sure whether it'll be accepted or not. I haven't seen Scott since about 1996.

My aunt has forgotten who her grandchildren are, which isn't surprising since she hasn't seen most of them in about 3 years. Her granddaughter Laure stopped by the other night out of nowhere and my aunt had no idea who she was. She also had no idea whether she had eaten that night, although they had just returned home from dinner. It's odd, because I haven't seen her in almost 2 years now, and every time I call she recognizes my voice and asks about Livvie. I'm not sure she'd know me if she actually saw me though.

I have nothing else to report today. I hope everyone has a great Saturday.


Annie said...

Sorry about your Aunt. Great about your weight loss though. I should follow your example,I lost 20 pounds 3 years ago and got to 130, and I would like to lose 10 more, but I just plain old don't feel like it :-).

Anonymous said...

You are tiny. Because I think you're as tall as me. You sweet wee little lass, you...