Monday, August 04, 2008


For Livvie's birthday I have purchased a very cool toddler's Batmobile that when you shake it and put it down on the floor it zips around. It also says cool things like, "To the Batcave!!'

I told Rich about it last night and he asked me if we were ever going to get her anything for a girl.

Excuse me, but I am a girl, and if I had gotten one of these as a kid I would have thought it was the coolest thing ever.

So we got into the discussion again. I informed him that when I was a kid I not only had Barbies but I also had Star Wars people and the Millenium Falcon. I was a well rounded kid when it came to that stuff. There were no "boy toys," just toys, and I played with all of them equally.

I had Matchbox cars and these really cool cars where if you pulled the tab out of the back and set them down on the floor they would race across the room. Remember those? They were awesome.

My favorite toy from the carnival was the parachute man, the little plastic guy attached to a plastic parachute and if you tossed it up in the air it would come floating down. I really dug that one.

But, I also went through the girly horse phase and had bunches of Breyer horses. I've already started buying Breyer horses for Livvie, and so far we have Barbaro and Secretariat. I imagine she'll also go through the horse phase that almost all little girls seem to go through. I hope so at least.

A friend of mine got her the Wonder Woman and Batgirl Barbies, and I'm really excited for the day when she starts to play with those. She also has a Storm (X-Men) action figure. Strong women who kick ass.

She has baby dolls but she doesn't play with them. She simply tosses them around the room. Personally, when I was a tiny tot, I didn't have much interest in baby dolls either, I certainly didn't push them around in a baby carriage or carry them around like I was their mama. I had one that would walk if you turned it on, and that one scared the shit out of me.

So, I don't see the problem here. I really don't. Is there really an issue with the types of toys we give her? It's not like I wanted a boy or anything and am trying to turn her into one. I just remember how I was as a kid, a tomboy of sorts, and I want that for her as well.

Besides, super heroes are cool.


catherine said...

I do not see the problem here either, boy howdy! I got totally hooked on cars when I was a little kid, and love them to this day. I'd read my brother's Road & Tracks and Car & Drivers, and learn all the makes and models. I'd play with his Matchbox cars - did you have any of that goofy bright orange track? We'd make that loop around but good. I had one 'baby' doll, more like a three-year-old girl doll, that I got for my third birthday. I liked her, but never did that 'mom' thing either. I had some stuffed animals. I was never interested in Barbies for some reason. My dad's sister got me one one time and we just re-gifted it to the kid down the street who had a million of 'em. I never had a horse phase, although I love animals. I did have a monster truckload of books! You've sent me down a pleasant path of memory lane. :)

Em said...

I played with G.I. Joe.

Just get her what she enjoys playing with! :-)

Annie said...

Get her the car! Rich needs to open his mind a bit if you ask me :-).

Dagny said...

Tomboy's rock.

sara said...

ozzie has one of those parachute guys and he LOVES it. in fact, i just untwisted it for 100th time.

we didn't buy zoe any "girl" toys until she asked for them. she wanted the barbies and the Little Ponies, so she got them. before that (around age 3) she played with ozzie's toys. he never got into trucks and cars and things like that. just very non-gender stuff. now, he wouldn'tbe caught dead even looking at a barbie, but she plays with his tornadoes all the time. right now, they are both playing avalanche with the sofa cushions.

jennyquarx said...

Who cares? Rich needs to chill. Deacon just got a baby after all. He really wanted one and he loves her to pieces. He likes his boy toys a lot too. At this point it's not really a big deal at all. And that Batmobile is RAD. Livvie will love it as much as I do. ;)