Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Loneliness

Although I am spending the day with Miss Thang there on the left, I really have nothing to do and no one to talk to today. No adult conversation whatsoever. That sucks.

Nina is in SC.

BFF is in Boston.

Jmac is in Pittsburgh.

Rich is at work.

Mom is at Mass, and will be attending a show later in the day.

These are the people I talk to all day every day when I need baby breaks. And trust me, I DO need them. I love my kid, but there's only so much I can take of trying to teach her words and watching her run back and forth. 

I might even lose my mind today. Seriously. Yesterday, thank goodness, Cyn showed up online and I got some adult conversation for awhile so that helped. I also emailed for a bit with Rich while he was at work, but he was very busy, so he couldn't be expected to keep me "company."

I am occasionally uncomfortable with my own company. Probably because if I remain undistracted for too long I end up thinking too much, and thinking leads to worry, and worry leads to panic. This is why it drives me crazy when I can't sleep. I just can't shut my head off.

So I'm not sure what to do today. I wouldn't feel right sitting here reading a book and letting Livvie play by herself, but a book is what I need. I need to just fall into something and escape. A movie just won't cut it. Unless I put on ROTK, but it seems even lonelier to do that without Nina watching it on her end as well. At one point while watching ROTK via IM we had turned each movie into a drinking game, and on long afternoons (prior to my marriage) we would sit and watch and get completely hammered. I often miss those days. 

And right now I miss adults. Thank goodness Rich is off all of this coming week so I can have a distraction.

PS... If Dagny could get back online for a bit that would help as well. I mean, I know you have a life and all, but it's ME!!!


Annie said...

Oh, darlin, if you email me I would email you back...Big hug :-).

Em said...

I completely understand!!! What do you IM on? You can add me as a 'friend' (or buddy? whatever) too... I'm an adult!

Julie said...

Em, I IM on MSN and AOL.

MSN is and AOL is just MarinaVert.